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Understanding Insurance Underwriting

When being presented with an insurance offer, you’re likely to encounter one of three scenarios: The offer doesn’t require an application and states that you cannot be turned down for coverage. An offer with a series of around 3-5 short questions, typically requiring a “yes” or “no” answer. An offer... Read more →

How to Promote your Association’s Insurance Member Benefit Program

Associations are now realizing that their membership is no longer made up of the “joiner” generation. It’s increasingly more difficult to keep membership flat, much less growing. Those ahead of the curve realize that they must demonstrate the value of membership through as many tangible benefits as possible, including having... Read more →

Employers Face Looming Reporting Deadline

While the new reporting forms required under the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate rules are not due until January 31, 2016, employers should be collecting the data now. Read more →