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CNA - Declining Representation with Prospective Clients

Each year malpractice claims are made against lawyers by people that the lawyers never even considered to be their clients. Why? The lawyer did not send a declination letter after the initial meeting. The lawyer never explicitly communicated to the potential client, in writing, that he/she did not accept the... Read more →

CNA - Rule 8.3: Reporting Other Lawyers

Sometimes known as “the rat rule,” ABA Model Rule 8.3 requires every lawyer to report certain professional misconduct by other lawyers to the appropriate disciplinary authority. As a matter of professional responsibility, we attorneys are mandated reporters of other lawyers, and we were mandated reporters long before statutory mandated reporting... Read more →

Proper Use of Engagement Letters Can Reduce Your Deductible by 50%

Engagement Letters Proper Use of Engagement Letters Can Reduce Your Claim Deductible by 50%. Only available through USI Affinity – All CNA policies in the Pennsylvania Bar Association Insurance Program now offer a 50% reduced deductible on any claim filed where a proper engagement letter was used in your attorney... Read more →

Assignment of Legal Malpractice Claim - Case Update 2019: Jose Borges v. Alfred Placeres*

The recent New York Appellate Division, First Department, decision of Jose Borges v. Alfred Placeres, 2019 NY Slip Op 29221 (1st Dept. 2019) sheds light on the often murky topic of when a legal malpractice claim can be assigned. The Borges decision helpfully explains some circumstances when a legal malpractice... Read more →