ABA Formal Opinion 483 Suggests that Attorneys Have Certain Obligations to Clients After a Data Breach, But Declines to Propose Detailed Requirements
CyberSecurity and Your Practice: Lessons from 2018

2018 in Review: USI Affinity's Best of 2018


2018 is gone, but not forgotten! We are celebrating the best of 2018 by reviewing the most popular blogs for the year.

2018’s Top 5 Most Read Blogs:

1) PA Court Holds Legal Malpractice Claimant to Shorter Negligence SOL, Not Longer Breach of Contract SOL

2) Legal Malpractice Claims Driven by Insufficient Protections Against Conflicts

3) Cyber Liability - To Cloud or Not to Cloud: How Do Lawyers Decide What Cloud Based System is Right

4) Attorney as a Party - Communication with Opposing Parties*

5) International Women's Day 2018: Women in Law

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