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USI Affinity Announces Availability of Enhanced Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance

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USI Affinity is excited to announce the availability of an enhanced Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance solution in the following markets:  NJ, MA, D.C., CT, MD, VA and WV.  For all Lawyers’ Professional Liability policies expiring in and after July of 2018, USI Affinity will begin to offer the Attorneys’ Preferred Insurance Program, starting June 4th, 2018.

USI Affinity and The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. have created a premier, market-leading team, with world class expertise and resources, to help protect and insure both small and large law firms. With state and local Bar Association endorsements from the Boston Bar Association, D.C. Bar and New Jersey State Bar Association, the USI Affinity “Attorneys’ Preferred” Insurance Program will offer insurance solutions to lawyers and law firms in seven different states.

“Together, USI Affinity and The Hanover have the ability to offer a proprietary, comprehensive Lawyers’ Professional Liability offering to attorneys and law firms through the USI Affinity Lawyers’ Liability Risk Purchasing Group within the stated market area.  With industry leading knowledge, solutions and service, we will deliver customized solutions to maximize bottom line impact and keep policies current with the changing demands of the LPL marketplace,” said USI Affinity Senior Vice President and Professional Liability Practice Leader, Mike Mooney. Our new policy enhancements focus on the challenges that attorneys and law firms face on a continual basis and provide a peace of mind for attorneys that they have not had in the recent years.”

“USI Affinity is one of the most respected specialty brokers and program managers in the Lawyers’ Professional Liability space with industry leading marketing and business development capabilities,” said Greg Leffard, President of Hanover Professionals at The Hanover. “This partnership demonstrates The Hanover’s continuous commitment to help develop customized solutions for our agents and reinforces our desire to strategically grow our Hanover Specialty business.”

For more information on the Attorneys’ Preferred Insurance Program, click here.

About USI
USI is one of the largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the world, delivering property and casualty, employee benefits, personal risk, program and retirement solutions to large risk management clients, middle market companies, smaller firms and individuals. Headquartered in Valhalla, New York, USI connects together over 6,000 industry leading professionals across more than 150 offices to serve clients’ local, national and international needs. USI has become a premier insurance brokerage and consulting firm by leveraging the USI ONE Advantage®, an interactive platform that integrates proprietary and innovative client solutions, networked local resources and enterprise-wide collaboration to deliver customized results with positive, bottom line impact. USI attracts best-in-class industry talent with a long history of deep and continuing investment in our local communities. For more information, visit usi.com.

About The Hanover

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. is the holding company for several property and casualty insurance companies, which together constitute one of the largest insurance businesses in the United States. The company provides exceptional insurance solutions in a dynamic world. The Hanover distributes its products through a select group of independent agents and brokers. Together with its agents, The Hanover offers standard and specialized insurance protection for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as for homes, automobiles, and other personal items. Through its international member company, Chaucer, The Hanover also underwrites business at Lloyd's of London in several major insurance and reinsurance classes, including marine, property and energy. For more information, please visit hanover.com.


Disclosure Pursuant to Federal Law Regarding Purchasing Groups [15 U.S.C. SEC. 3901, et seq] the USI Affinity Lawyers’ Liability Risk Purchasing Group is a “Purchasing Group”, as defined under Federal law, formed to purchase liability insurance on a group basis for its Members to cover the similar or related liability exposure(s) to which the Members of the Purchasing Group are exposed by virtue of their related, similar, or common businesses or services.  Members do not share limits and each member is provided with its own policy and/or evidence of insurance.


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