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Cyber Liability - To Cloud or Not to Cloud: How Do Lawyers Decide What Cloud Based System is Right

Cloud based systems have become more common place and widely used by law firms. Generally, cloud computing allows for the storage and access of data and programs with compatible devices over the Internet instead of utilizing your computer’s hard drive. Cloud based systems can give us the ability to share... Read more →

Quick Tip - 4 Ways to Find Balance

Many business professionals, particularly lawyers, struggle to manage time, money, and their personal relationships, and strike a balance between all three. Here are some effective ways to maintain your equilibrium: 1. Be Intentional When time and money are not in unlimited supply, you must be intentional about how they are... Read more →

An In-Depth Look At Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance

Navigating the terms of your professional liability coverage can be complicated, especially since there are different types of policies with their own individual reporting requirements. The following explanation of the various policy types (“Claims-made” vs “Claims-made and Reported”) and the reporting requirements associated with them, along with other important policy... Read more →