Webinar Announcement: Cyber Liability for Law Firms - Identifying the Need & Presenting the Solution
New York’s New Approach to Attorney Disciplinary Matters

Webinar Announcement - What Law Firms Need to Know About Malpractice Insurance

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USI Affinity presents:  What Law Firms Need to Know About Malpractice Insurance

When:  Thursday, October 26th

Time:  2:00 EDT

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Join Mike Mooney of USI Affinity to get the inside story on professional liability insurance.  Learn how USI Affinity addresses common coverage gaps and what sets us apart from other brokers.

With over 50 years of experience in providing LPL and covering more than 40,000 attorneys nationwide – USI Affinity knows what it takes to protect attorneys from malpractice claims.

As a broker, USI Affinity is working continually with the carriers to ensure that our offering is addressing the most common gaps seen in today’s policies.

Risk Management & Guidance - We’re here to help!  With advice and guidance on common practices to mitigate risk, i.e. sample engagement letters, USI Affinity has the tools to help you manage your attorney-client relationship.  

Cyber Liability – USI Affinity knows what your LPL Policy covers and why you need a “stand alone” cyber policy. Identifying the need and providing a solution is what we do.  We have created a Cyber Liability policy, offering both 1st and 3rd party coverage, that will set the standard in the marketplace  

 If you would like to speak with a Professional Liability expert today – please contact Mike Mooney at [email protected]


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