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Webinar Announcement - What Law Firms Need to Know About Malpractice Insurance

Webinar Announcement: Cyber Liability for Law Firms - Identifying the Need & Presenting the Solution

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USI Affinity presents:  Cyber Liability for Law Firms - Identifying the Need & Presenting the Solution

When:  Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Time: 1:00 EST

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As one of the top brokers for Lawyer’s Professional Liability – it only makes sense for USI Affinity to handle your Cyber Liability policy as well. 

USI Affinity knows what your LPL Policy covers and why you need a “stand alone” cyber liability policy.  We are aware of the potential for overlap between “first party” and “third-party” expenses and we work with the carrier on your behalf to ensure your coverage.  In doing so, USI Affinity has worked with NAS Insurance to offer a proprietary Cyber Liability policy, offering both 1st and 3rd party coverage and it picks up where your LPL policy drops off.  

USI Affinity's proprietary program "PrivaSafe" underwritten through NAS Insurance includes: 

  • First and Third Party Coverage 
  • Unauthorized access to or use of client/employee/trading partner data
  • Disclosure of confidential data• Loss of data or digital assets (malicious, i.e. rogue employee, or accidental)
  • Cyber extortion or terrorism threats
  • Crisis management and public relations expenses
  • Business interruption expenses (data/software restoration)

If you would like to speak with a USI Affinity expert today – please contact Mike Mooney at [email protected]

Please note – This webinar is NOT eligible for CLE credits.


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