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Handshake_144788374by Jill Krueger

USI Affinity is a multifaceted sales and marketing organization that focuses on delivering high-value insurance member benefits to a variety of organizations. For over 75 years, the divisions of USI Affinity have developed, marketed and administered insurance and financial programs that offer association clients unique advantages in coverage, price and service. We market and administer insurance programs for over 400 associations nationwide – representing more than 20 million members. Many client relationships are long-standing; and we continue to grow because of the results we have achieved for those clients.

When you partner with USI Affinity, we’ll work within your affinity brand to create unique programs for your members and a strategic marketing model to aggressively distribute the products and services offered to your members—operating in harmony with your program’s goals of acting in your members’ best interest and driving participation.

USI Affinity’s extensive experience and strong relationships with the country’s most respected insurance companies give us the ability to design comprehensive and innovative insurance, benefits packages, and risk management programs with proprietary discounts and features available only to your members, through our programs. Often, the savings available only through USI Affinity programs outweighs the cost associated with membership – saving members money and time.

USI Affinity will be your trusted partner at both the association and member levels, providing you with people who are dedicated to solving your problems and meeting your needs. Decades of working together has built a strong partnership between USI Affinity and its clients, and we continue to work closely together to ensure that all association members have access to superior products and the best possible customer experience.

Jill Krueger is a marketing project manager with USI Affinity.



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