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New Client Screening Checklist


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To assist lawyers in assessing the risks involved in accepting a new client, we have prepared the following checklist of factors to consider before forming an attorney-client relationship.

Subject Matter

  • What is the legal matter for which the client needs representation?
  • Are there any imminent deadlines or time limitations?
  • Is the case too large, time consuming or expensive for my practice to handle?
  • Is the case one that is pending or that must be filed in another jurisdiction?
  • If so, am I familiar with the local statute of limitations, other filing deadlines, substantive issues and procedural rules?
  • Is the matter within my primary area(s) of practice?
  • If not, how much time would be required to become competent in that area?
  • If the case is outside my area of practice or in another jurisdiction, do I know an attorney to whom I could associate or refer the case?
  • If I refer the case, do I seek a referral fee and remain liable to the client as if I were the receiving attorney’s partner?
  • If so, do I trust that the attorney is competent and will not expose me to a malpractice claim or ethical grievance?
  • Am I willing to learn and comply with the disclosure and consent requirements imposed by the applicable ethics rules?
  • Does the matter have merit?
  • Does the client have evidence to corroborate his/her story?

Client Issues

  • What are the client’s expectations (with both the outcome and the time involved)?
  • Are they reasonable?
  • If not, is this client able to adjust his/her expectations to make them reasonable?
  • What is the client’s motive (justice, revenge, vendetta, to be compensated)?
  • Is the motive likely to cause the client to be unable to accept settlement or an unfavorable outcome?
  • Has the client shown himself/herself to be dishonest or to lack integrity?
  • Is the client evasive or reluctant in connection with a commitment to abide by a fee agreement?
  • Has the client indicated that he/she will be difficult to control as a witness?

Prior Attorney-Client Relationships

  • Has the client retained prior attorneys in the same matter?
  • If so, why did the previous attorney-client relationships terminate?
  • Has the client made claims or grievance complaints against any prior attorneys?
  • Do any prior attorneys claim that legal fees/costs are owed?
  • Has the client refused to pay legitimate invoices for legal fees?

Protecting Yourself

  • If I have accepted the client, have I sent the client an engagement letter for the client to sign and return setting forth the scope of the retention and the fee agreement?
  • If I have referred the client to another attorney without a referral fee, have I sent the client a non-engagement letter?
  • If I have referred the client to another attorney and have received or expect to receive a referral fee, have I sent the client a letter disclosing what is required by the applicable ethics rules and have I obtained the client’s consent in the form required by the applicable ethics rules?
  • If I have declined to represent the client, have I sent a non-engagement letter clearly and unequivocally informing the client that I am not representing him/her, that I express no opinion about the matter, that the matter may be affected by a statute of limitations and that he/she should seek other representation?




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