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Open for Business During the Government Shutdown

Traveling Through a Government Shutdown

We are potentially hours away from an event that has not happened in nearly two decades: a government shutdown. If a spending agreement isn't reached by the stroke of Midnight on Tuesday, October 1, then a sequence of events will go into place that will force the federal government into a shutdown mode.

This sequence of events includes the closure of national parks and monuments (including the Washington Monument - closed since 2011, entertainingly enough), and a temporary furlough of "non-essential" government personnel - currently estimated to be two-thirds of the federal workforce. But what does this all mean for travelers that will be taking to the skies, roads, and seas during this potential period of government shutdown?

Over on the Travel Insure Blog, I've done a little investigation as to how travelers would be affected by the government shutdown. While air travelers would see little interruption in their day-to-day lives, many international travelers coming into the United States could be affected by the shutdown. Additionally, any planned vacations to National Parks or Monumnents could be stopped if a shutdown were to happen. Read more of what I've found out by clicking on this link to the Travel Insure blog.

Are you worried about how a government shutdown would affect your travels? How are you planning for the worst? Let me know by leaving a comment on the Travel Insure blog!


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