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New health care reform laws may not improve health care access for recent college graduates as intended.

According to a recent eHealthInsurance (EHTH) survey, only 31% of college grads have health insurance coverage through a parent's policy or their own plan paid for by their parents, despite a recent law that gives parents the option to keep kids on their policy until age 26.

Not all parents are willing to take advantage of the law. Almost 40% of parents surveyed said they won't keep their adult children on their health insurance plans until age 26. Only 43% said they'd be willing to keep adult children under age 26 on their policies if they could do so without additional costs.

This has led to many recent college grads rethinking their priorities. 93% of those surveyed said they'd be willing to give up dining out, movies, or a trip to Starbucks if it meant they could afford health insurance.

74% of recent college graduates surveyed also said they'd rather live at home for the first year after college, if it's a choice between having health insurance or living on their own without it. 49%, say they'd take a job they didn't like if it offered health insurance or a retirement account.

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