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Buying auto insurance is never fun, but it can be less complicated. Knowing the facts before you call your carrier for a quote can simplify the process.

Here are 3 debunked myths about auto insurance:

Myth 1:  Red cars cost more to insure

 Some people think carriers will charge a higher premium for red cars because they believe the driver will speed or drive recklessly. In fact, carriers do not care about the color of the car, and seasoned drivers will tell you, no one asks what color a car is when you are calling for an insurance quote.

Myth 2:  Your insurance policy covers any damage to your car 

Liability insurance covers you if you cause an accident and hurt someone or damage their property. Comprehensive and collision coverage protect your vehicle.

Myth 3: Your policy covers you if you drive your car for business

If you are self-employed and use your vehicle for work, your personal auto insurance does not protect you.

For example, if you use your car to do consulting work for a company your not technically employed by, their insurance won't cover you and your carrier will most likely deny your claim.

Want to save money on your premium? Ask about these discounts

  • Multiple vehicles
  • Driver education courses 
  • Good student 
  • Safety devices 
  • Anti-theft devices 
  • Low mileage driver 
  • Good driver/renewal 

Want to save up to 30% on your home and auto policy? Visit www.usiaffinity.com or call (888) 325-8877 and find out how you can save by bundling policies.


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