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8 Advanced Motorcycle Safety Tips from an Expert


As the weather warms up, motorcycle enthusiasts, both newbies and seasoned vets, hit the road.  Every rider must learn basic safety tips when applying for their licesnse, but staying safe on the road is an ongoing process of learning how to be prepared for every situation.

Here are a few advanced saftey tips from Raymond J. Ochs, the director of training systems for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation:
  1. If you have to slow down unexpectedly, flash your taillight to warn those behind you.
  2. Keep aware of who and what is behind you. "Checking your mirrors frequently should be part of your normal 'search' routine."
  3. If someone is passing you, avoid moving to the farthest portion of the lane from the passing vehicle.
  4. Stay in first gear while you are stopped, so that you can move quickly if necessary.
  5. Always use both brakes every time you slow or stop. The front brake is safe to use if you use it properly.
  6. When passing parked cars, stay in the left of your lane to avoid opening doors
  7. Wear a helmet. Helmeted riders are 3Xs more likely to survive head injuries in a crash than those who don’t wear one.
  8. To control your bike well, sit far enough forward so arms are slightly bent and you’re not stretching.

For more safety tips, go to The Motorcycle Safety Foundation website.


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