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Does your company want to cut health care costs? ( Yes, of course it does.) Then a wellness program might be just the remedy. Many companies are learning that prevention and a healthy lifestyle is the key to cutting employee health care costs.

Need proof? There's no better example of a successful wellness program than Motorola's. It was started as a pilot project over 10 years ago, and has gone on to save the company millions of dollars in employee medical expenses.

Here's the break down of Motorola's program and the resulting savings:

Program features:

• Motorola provides employees with no-cost memberships to Wellness Centers located at eight United States locations. Retirees pay a small fee
• Employees at locations without a Wellness Center receive $240 to help cover the cost of a membership at a qualifying fitness center
• The company has provided flu immunizations for employees, dependents and retirees at 70 on-site locations
• Motorola holds hundreds of health education classes each year for employees


• Among employees who took advantage of Wellness Centers or qualifying fitness centers, the company saved $3.93 for every $1 spent
• Participating workers cost $6.5 million dollars less in lifestyle-related medical expenses than non-participants
• Employees who participated in the company's wellness programs experienced annual health care cost increases of 2.5 percent, compared to 18 percent increases for non-participants

Does your company have a wellness program? Is it successful? Tell us about it.


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