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International Students Studying in the U.S. Pass on the Word about Study USA-Healthcare

Recently, Travel Insurance Services, a division of USI Affinity, posted an article about International Student Health Insurance at (april 29, 2010) - International Students attending college in the U.S. must adapt to a great deal: Living within a different culture, communicating mainly in English, and expenses galore. With tuition,... Read more →

10 Risk Management Tips for Lawyers - Tip 5

Document, Document, Document! Keep accurate records in a proper filing system Document phone conversations, correspondence and meeting notes, and file them where they can be located easily Establish a follow-up and backup system, especially for computers Cross-reference clients to avoid conflict of interest Read more →

10 Risk Management Tips for Lawyers - Tip 4

Maintain Docket / Calendar Control Handle litigation deadlines, dates and events through a central control system. Record dates and events, and update your calendar control system on a regular basis. Dates that should be entered routinely include litigation dates, important dates to your firm's business clients, and filing and hearing... Read more →

USA Today Reports More Than Half the Nation Confused About New Health Laws

USA Today Reports that based on a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, more than half the nation is confused about the new health care law an that more than 56% of Americans don't feel they have enough information to understand how it will affect them Read more →