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Sue 'Em... What Have You Got To Lose?

The average income in the US for 2017 was roughly $73,0001. The average personal injury claim in the United States settles for $53,0002 (unsurprisingly, this number increases considerably when plaintiffs retain an attorney, and file a lawsuit). When compared to the annual household income, the income-tax-free nature of monetary recovery... Read more →

Cyber Liability - It is Time for Law Firms to Get Serious about Personal Health Information

In September of 2013, the HIPPA Omnibus Rule became effective. The purpose of the Omnibus Rule was to strengthen the privacy and security of patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI), by among other things, expanding the HIPPA privacy and security obligations of healthcare organizations to business associates of healthcare organizations. Business... Read more →

Ethical Concerns & Social Media - The Freedom to Post

Even though social media has become ubiquitous in daily life, lawyers must keep in mind that ethical obligations apply to their online activity. As professionals, lawyers need to understand the benefits of social media and avoid ethical pitfalls. It should not be a surprise that social media platforms may cause... Read more →

Cyber Liability - GDPR: Not Me Right?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was signed into law in May 2016. A common refrain amongst clients in the United States is that is doesn’t apply to them. Many U.S. companies, including law firms, have recently discovered that not only does GDPR apply to American companies, but failure to... Read more →

Use of Docketing Controls to Reduce Deadline Errors and Omissions

Every law firm and lawyer has deadlines and events, such as court appearances, that they must be mindful of. Although on the decline, more than 20 percent of legal malpractice claims in the United States are attributable to administrative errors, including a law firm’s failure to calendar filing deadlines and... Read more →