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Attorney as a Party - Communication with Opposing Parties*

The well-known old saying often credited to Abraham Lincoln states that “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” This article will not comment on the advisability of representing yourself in litigation, but will instead discuss the ethical issues that arise when an attorney is either a pro... Read more →

Quick Tip - 5 Great Ways to Ask for a Referral

Most lawyers assume that if a satisfied client is asked whether or not they know a good lawyer, the client will mention them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Even when attorneys ask for the referrals themselves, they usually do so in a rather vague, noncommittal... Read more →

Brace for Impact: The Rise in Trusts & Estate Claims Against Attorneys

It is no secret that malpractice claims against attorneys have been rising on a national level since the American Bar Association (ABA) began compiling statistics, with allegations of wrongdoing in plaintiff’s personal injury and real estate matters being the most common. However, trusts and estates claims have also been steadily... Read more →

PA Court Holds Legal Malpractice Claimant to Shorter Negligence SOL, Not Longer Breach of Contract SOL

Attorneys have a duty to exercise reasonable care and to make sure that clients receive zealous representation. Increasingly though, client are unsatisfied with services received, or results obtained. Legal malpractice claims stem from being retained by a client, who is SO unhappy with the results, or believes something went so... Read more →

Four Ways Lawyers Can Provide the Best Customer Service Possible

The legal industry is changing, and lawyers are continually searching for better and more efficient ways to provide legal services. Here are four ways that today’s lawyers can up their customer service game: Walk in Your Clients’ Shoes The Golden Rule of customer service goes something like this: treat your... Read more →