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Expert Disclosure Trends: Comply Early and Often or Have Your Expert Precluded!  

Litigators know that even the most mundane cases often require an expert’s testimony. The question is usually not whether an expert is needed, but rather how early and how many experts are needed in a given case. An expert’s testimony serves to introduce evidence that Federal Rule of Evidence 702... Read more →

Cybersecurity and the Evolution of a Lawyer’s Ethical Duty

The landscape of data privacy and cybersecurity is constantly changing and evolving. So too is the role of technology in the practice of law and hence, the risk to lawyers and their clients, associated with such technology. It should be no surprise that cyberattacks targeting law firms continue to increase.... Read more →

Internet Scams Targeting Attorneys

Attorneys are highly educated, trained to be thoughtful, analytical, and most importantly skeptical. It will come as a surprise then that attorneys are also particularly vulnerable as a group to certain internet scams, in part because of the way that most attorneys obtain clients and in part because of ethical... Read more →

Defamation Claims Arising Out of the Attorney-Client Relationship and Internet Reviews*

The far-reaching impact of the internet and social media can be felt in nearly every industry these days. Recently, it has made its way into legal opinions concerning allegedly defamatory statements made by and about attorneys and other professionals on Facebook, Twitter, and even attorney review sites such as Read more →