Cyber Liability - Rogue Wi-FI, A Serious Threat

Calling all Android and Apple users: If you haven't grabbed that latest update for your mobile device, then you may be vulnerable to a remote attacker that could potentially access restricted memory or applications on your phone when it connects to a rogue Wi-Fi access point. Late September, both Android... Read more →

We Produced What? The Dangers of Discovery in a Digital World (Part 2)

In Part I of this article, we looked at two case examples of information being put in the “public” domain inadvertently, one via a file sharing site operated by Box, Inc. and the other involving placement of sensitive information on a website. In these scenarios, the individuals charged with safekeeping... Read more →

Quick Tip - How Organizational Skills Can Help Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims

It’s a lawyer’s worst nightmare: a client has filed a malpractice claim against them. The first question the attorney will probably ask is, “What did I do wrong?” But it’s highly unlikely that the claim has something to do with the lawyer’s lack of skill or technical ability. Rather, poor... Read more →