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My Car Was Broken Into - Who Covers My Property?

Shutterstock_476952994A couple of weeks ago, I went to leave for a doctor's appointment and noticed that the contents of my console were spread out on the passenger's seat and the back door wasn't fully closed. At first, I didn't think a thing of it. It's not uncommon for my husband to need to go into my car to look for something. When I sent him a text, I learned that it wasn't him.

Although it was disconcerting to know my car had been broken into, nothing had been stolen. Fortunately, I had the right coverage had items been taken, but that wasn't the case when I had my golf clubs stolen from a friend's car. 

We had been golfing earlier in the day and when we stopped to grab a bite to eat, my friend's car was stolen - along with its contents. Although the car was later recovered, the contents were not. My clubs were gone forever.

He contacted his auto insurance carrier and we learned pretty quickly that my clubs were not covered. Even if this had been my car that this happened in, auto insurance does not cover your personal property in the car. That is the job of your homeowners or renters policy. 

It's easy for renters to dismiss the need for coverage unless their complex demands proof of coverage, but this is just one instance where this coverage is very important. Let's say you were over a friend's house for the night and you brought your computer or you move in with your significant other, but aren't yet married. You guessed it. Should something happen to your personal property, you would need to have renters insurance (or homeowners if you own the home) to replace this property. 

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Grasping Insurance Basics

Home and auto_138490958Making an informed insurance purchasing decision is difficult for most consumers. One of the main problems in understanding this process is the insurance policy itself. Insurance terminology can be confusing to many people because of the inherent complexity of these products. While shopping for insurance, it is important for you to know some basic insurance terms. Understanding the following terms will help you become a smarter consumer of insurance products.

Property risks

People who own property are exposed to the risk of having their property stolen or damaged from various causes. Property coverage is provided for your home under the homeowners policy, and property coverage is provided for your car under the physical damage section of the personal auto policy.

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Do You Have This Essential Tool for Home Owners?


If you’ve lost valuable property in your home to fire or theft, replacing your belongings as quickly and easily as possible is an important step to getting your life back to normal. If you don’t have a detailed home inventory, you could run into problems when it’s time to replace lost items.

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You've got Auto and Life, but are you insured against the Japanese Giant Crab attack?

When you're trying to anticipate the bumps in the road that you might encounter in the future, USI Affinity can help you plan for everything you can think of.

It may be reassuring for some of you to know that there is also a company out there that will insure you against everything you would never think of.

UK-based British Insurance has compiled this list of some of its more unusual policies (these are real. Seriously):

  • In 2001, The National Sealife Centre in Birmingham, England insured its visitors against death and permanent disability occasioned by the Japanese Giant Crab 
  • In 1999, Mary Muphy insured herself against an immaculate conception in the year 2000
  • In 2001, Nicola Jones insured herself against becoming ugly – as determined by 10 independent building workers
  • In 2001, Andrew Areoff insured himself against receiving bad Christmas presents
  • In 2001, a "Captain Beaney" insured himself against abduction, impregnation and consumption by aliens

So, we'd like to know what kind of coverage we can get for the future hand-knit holiday sweaters we receive.