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New Study Says Your Child May Not Need CT Scan for Head Injury


If you have children, you may have made a trip or two to the ER after they've fallen off a bike, or taken a misdirected cleat to the head at soccer practice. Although the norm has been for the hospital to check a child's head injury with a computer tomography (CT) scan, don't be alarmed if they skip this step next time you're in the ER.

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Health Update: Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?


Researchers have long debated the effectiveness of managing inflammation to prevent cancer, but recent studies, including two from the Mayo Clinic and the John Radcliffe Hospital, offer evidence that taking aspirin regularly for five years or longer can reduce the risk of pancreatic, colorectal, melanoma and other solid cancers.

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The Cause of the Common Cold May Also be Responsible for Childhood Obesity


New research from the Weight and Wellness Center at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego suggests that the same virus that causes the common cold may be responsible for some cases of childhood obesity.

Results of the study showed that children who were infected with adenovirus 36, the virus that causes the common cold and slight gastrointestinal upset, were an average of 50 pounds heavier than children who hadn't been infected with the virus.

Although researchers still suggest a healthy diet and exercise for overweight children, they are hopeful the findings will result in a change in attitudes about obesity and better treatment options.

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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Small Business and Its Employees Healthy

  Small business

The impact of increasing medical insurance costs can be as detrimental to a small business as it is to a struggling family. And it's not news that insurance premiums are continuing to rise. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported small businesses paid an average of $12,696 in premiums for family coverage in 2009, compared to $5,683 in 1999.

But there are ways small businesses can cut healthcare costs, and still provide their employees with quality healthcare. Try these three simple tips from

1. Take a look at Health Savings Accounts. Health Savings Accounts or HSAs have proven to be an effective way to cut healthcare costs for many small businesses.

A Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust study found that HSAs decreased an employer's annual average contribution to employee benefits by $3,986 in 2009.

2. Be proactive. Keep your employees healthy. Wellness initiatives can help employees prevent illness and costly medical expenses that keep rates high.

Providing flu shots, cancer screenings, weight loss incentives, smoking cessation programs and gym membership discounts are all great ways to help employees stay healthy.

3. See if your trade association or chamber of commerce has a group policy. Some small businesses can participate in the group insurance policies of trade associations or chambers of commerce. Being part of a large pool of customers gives you greater negotiating power and access to better rates.

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